Gemini our anti-fog lens coating, available now.

Our anti-fog lens coating,

If you're a glasses wearer, it's probably fair to say foggy glasses are one of your biggest bug bears at the moment.

That's why we've used brand new lens technology to produce Gemini - an anti-fog coating that will help you finally enjoy less fog and more freedom!

How does it work? When we make your lenses, we'll use a 12 layer process including a special alloy which will creates a permanent AR coating with anti-fog properties. Instead of fogging up your glasses, the anti-fog coating will spread water droplets into a liquid film, which keeps your lens clear!

The anti-fog layer is dormant at first, and requires initial activation using a cloth with built in surfactant. The contents of the cloth activate the coating and it will work for up to 4-7 days. Initial activation is done in the lab, and we provide each pair of lenses with a re-activation cloth.

The result: Less fog, more freedom.

Gemini anti-fog coating provides a clear view for all ophthalmic lenses and sunglasses lenses.