The Ultimate Photochromic Lens Experience

Discover the Neochromes experience, a revolutionary advancement in photochromic lens technology. Neochromes lenses effortlessly transition between clear and dark states, providing wearers with unparalleled convenience and eye protection.

Neochromes is a cutting-edge generation of photochromic lenses designed to simplify your daily life. These high-performance lenses utilise smart photochromic technology, instantly adapting to changing light conditions for optimal eye protection, reduced glare, and minimised eye fatigue.

Neochromes is ideal for individuals experiencing light sensitivity symptoms, including itching, squinting, slow light adaptation, tearing, discomfort with screen light, and redness.


  • Crystal clear indoors, darkening within seconds outdoors.
  • Fade back indoors within minutes at standard room temperature.
  • Greater comfort in changing light conditions compared to standard clear lenses.
  • Daily protection against harmful UV rays (100% UVA and UVB blocking).
  • Guard against High Energy Visible light for eye fatigue prevention indoors and outdoors.
  • Fast adaptation to light changes in any environment.
  • Available in Brown & Grey

Elevate your eyewear selection and stay ahead of the curve with Neochromes, contact your dedicated partnership manager to find out more!