With numerous myopia management solutions available on the market, it is crucial to determine the right choice for your patient’s needs.

Myopia management represents the future of addressing vision issues in children, and this is just the beginning of its evolution. Given the rising prevalence of Myopia, 50% of the world population will be affected with Myopia by 2050, a significant increase from the current 30%.

The escalation of myopia also raises the risk of elated visual impairments like macular degeneration, which is exacerbated by the elongation of the eyeball – the progression of myopia is directly impacted by the increase in the axial length of the eye. As the severity of myopia increases, so do the associated risks of visual impairments.

Efficient management of myopia in children typically involves a combination of strategies to slow its progression and enhance visual acuity. Some common approaches include using multifocal contact lenses and Orth0-K (orthokeratology).

Prior to considering mechanical interventions, it is advisable for children to:

  • reduce screen time
  • spend more time outdoors
  • adhere to the 20-20-20 rule (taking a 20 second break every 20 minutes of screen time to look at something 20 feet away)
  • maintain a recommended distance from digital devices.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of these solutions can vary depending on the individual child. Consulting with eyecare professionals, such as optometrists, helps to determine the most suitable strategy for your child’s unique situation. These professionals can evaluate your child’s eye health, recommend appropriate treatments, and provide guidance on effectively managing myopia.

Imperium - Myopia Management Lenses

In the realm of myopia management, there are now innovative spectacle lenses designed to slow down the progression of myopia. Amidst the market's current expansion of choices, three primary design concepts are predominantly being offered.

Myopia management spectacle lenses design concepts

The underlying principle behind all these options is fundamentally the same. When a myopic eye is corrected using a lens, light that enters the lens’s periphery is focused behind the retina, in contrast to the central rays that are accurately focused.

The theory is that by focusing behind the retina, the eye receives a stimulation to grow in order to focus that light correctly. The effect is worse in the horizontal retina which has a hyperopic tendency.

Research indicates that a given positive spectacle blur in a lens will effectively impede eye growth. The Imperium lens operates on this principle by creating a hyperopic defocus.

Due to the higher number of ganglion cells and cones in the nasal region of the retina (30% more ganglion cells and 40 -50% more cones), the temporal side of the lens influences the nasal retina more significantly. Consequently, the Imperium lens incorporates more plus temporally.

Why Choose Imperium?

Despite its progressive design, the Imperium lens introduces some unwanted astigmatism. However, similar to other designs on the market, this effect is intentionally created through hyperopic defocus.

A unique feature of the Imperium lens is its capacity for direct source manufacturing, enabling orders for indices up to 1.74. Distinguishing itself from certain other myopia management lenses, the Imperium lens offers fewer limitations in terms of frame fitting, requiring a minimum fitting height from the upper rim of just 5mm.

Additionally, its recommended to apply a multi – layer anti reflection coating to the lens, which is included as a standard feature of the Imperium lens. Advancements in technology and our understanding of myopia have led to the development of these specialised lenses that create specific optical effects to reduce eye growth.

At Caledonian Optical research and development in this field continues, and we can expect to see further refinements and improvements in the design and effectiveness of myopia management spectacle lenses in the future.

To find out more about these specialist lenses, contact any of our support managers https://www.caledonianoptical.com/about or email info@caledonianoptical.com

by Gillian Sibeth FBDO - Product Development Manager

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