As spring approaches, bringing longer daylight hours and unpredictable weather changes, it's the perfect time for opticians to consider adding Neochromes to their offerings.

Neochromes, a cutting-edge innovation in eyewear technology, presents a compelling solution for customers seeking convenience, comfort, and style in their prescription glasses.

The Neochromes Experience:

Neochromes lenses represent a new generation of photochromic lenses that seamlessly transition from clear indoors to darkened outdoors in record time. This innovative technology caters to individuals who lead dynamic lifestyles and require eyewear that adapts to their changing environments effortlessly.

Why Neochromes?

Neochromes lenses offer a multitude of benefits that make them a superior choice over standard clear lenses:

  • Greater Comfort: Unlike traditional lenses, Neochromes provide enhanced comfort by swiftly adjusting to changing light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility and reduced eye strain.
  • UV Protection: With Neochromes, wearers receive daily protection against harmful UV rays, safeguarding their eyes from potential damage associated with prolonged sun exposure.
  • Guard against High Energy Visible light: In today's digital age, where screens dominate our daily lives, Neochromes lenses offer a built-in guard against High Energy Visible light to combat eye fatigue, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Fast Adaptation: Neochromes lenses boast rapid light adaptation capabilities, ensuring wearers experience uninterrupted clarity as they transition between various environments.

The Neochromes Promise:

Neochromes lenses deliver on their commitment to performance and style, promising wearers:

  • Crystal Clear Indoors: Enjoy clear vision indoors, without any tint or distortion, allowing for optimal visibility in all settings.
  • Swift Darkening: Experience quick darkening within seconds of stepping outdoors, providing instant protection against glaring sunlight.
  • Efficient Fading: Neochromes lenses fade back to their clear state within minutes upon returning indoors, ensuring seamless transitions throughout the day.

Colour Choices: Brown & Grey

Neochromes lenses are available in two classic sunglass colours: brown and grey. These versatile options complement any style or outfit, allowing wearers to express their personality while enjoying the benefits of advanced eyewear technology.

Make the Change Today

Neochromes lenses represent a transformative advancement in eyewear technology, perfectly suited for the modern lifestyle. As we anticipate the arrival of spring and the changing light conditions it brings, you have an opportunity to elevate your offerings and meet the evolving needs of your customers with Neochromes. Embrace the change today and revolutionise the way your customers see the world with Neochromes.

To find out more about Neochromes, contact your dedicated partnership manager.

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