Freeform Lenses

Caledonian Optical Ltd is committed to investing in the latest progression in lens technology in order to provide our customers with the highest quality lenses. Using our complete line of Schneider freeform manufacturing equipment, we have the ability to produce Digital Freeform Lenses.

Compared to conventional varifocals, the new process of back surface design allows varifocals with wider zones and greatly improved clarity. Freeform enables cutting of power curves to one hundredth of a dioptre, multiple corridor lengths and fitting heights to suit patients using a wide selection of materials including CR39, Transitions, Polarised, Trivex, Hi Index & Polycarbonate.

ARC Steady

The most advanced varifocal lens on the market

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Zone Varifocals

Caledonian Optical's Freeform HD lenses are available in a number of ranges

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Office II

Office II is an ideal solution for near & intermediate vision, solving most limitations of other lenses

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Ideal for pre-presyopes looking for a solution to visual fatigue

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Our Single Vision lenses ensure the highest performance in personalised ophthalmic lenses

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Conventional Lenses

Conventional Lenses diagram

Conventional lenses do not account for eye dynamics:

  • Calculations are based upon a universally standard design
  • The individual patient’s visual experience is not optimal
  • Poor optical quality noticeably reduces user’s visual quality in near vision and lateral distances

Freeform ‘User Power’ Lenses

Freeform ‘User Power’ Lenses diagram

User Power Optimisation achieves superior optical quality:

  • Every point in the lens is adapted to the individual’s eyes
  • Entire lens is of the correct prescription
  • Superior optical quality
  • Progressive lenses achieve optimum vision in the far (including lateral far), intermediate and near regions

Other Services

AR Coating

We are proud to offer our group of coatings, the iC range.

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​Glazing Services

​Glazing Services at Caledonian Optical

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Safety Glasses

BS EN standard safety glasses.

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Exclusive SHAW Lenses.

The only truly binocular spectacle lens system

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