Office II

Lenses with only a reading area provide clear vision of objects close up, whilst progressive lenses only provide a narrow intermediate visual zone. Office II is an ideal solution for near and intermediate vision, solving most limitations of other lenses. Ideal for presbyopes who work in an office environment and other occupations where near and intermediate vision is essential.

The near vision point is held at 14mm below the pupil. Such a long corridor provides an instant feeling of comfort and adaptation, swim effect disappears and distortions caused by lateral astigmatism zones are virtually invisible.

Around 65% of the degression is reached at the level pupil position, making it easier for wearers to find intermediate vision, for example, when working on a computer. This studied pupil positioning means head movements are decreased, helping avoid many neck and shoulder problems.


  • Extremely wide near vision region
  • Very soft design that eliminates swim effect and perceived lateral distortion
  • No adaptation issues
  • Clear vision from reading distance up to 4 metres
  • Frame customisation
  • Multiple degressions for adapting to indivudal needs.