Today, there are many people who are not satisfied with just enjoying a fantastic intermediate vision. They are also looking for a premium lens that offers them a new
visual experience and incredible performance. In order to satisfy these wearers’ needs, Zone Base 2.0 is a personalised free form progressive lens that is capable of meeting the demands of a huge number of people by having a smooth transition between the different visual fields, a wide intermediate vision, advanced technologies, an easy and quick adaptation, an extraordinary image stability and the most natural vision.

Zone Base 2.0

Ideal wearer

  • People who clearly want to enjoy an outstanding solution with an unbeatable comfort and visual quality.
  • Beginners, non-adapted patients and experienced progressive wearers who prefer a fantastic intermediate vision above all else.
  • Wearers with all types of prescription and addition powers


Digital Ray-Path 2/ ACU Tech

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Features and Benefits

Highly personalised daily use progressive lens
Extra-soft design for a natural and smooth transition between distances
Easy and quick adaptation
High precision and personalisation thanks to Digital Ray-Path 2® technology
Variable inset and thickness reduction
Oblique astigmatism minimised
Wide intermediate visual field
Higher image stability for reduced swim effect.
Peripheral blur reduction.