We can glaze all lens materials from basic CR39 and crown glass to polycarbonate and hi-index. We also specialise in prescription wraparounds.

All uncuts are made to individual frame measurements, or by simply stating a blank size.

Titanlight Rimless Glazing

Caledonian Optical also offer a rimless package collection. Ten sleek Beta-Titanium rimless frames are available, glazed with Trivex lenses for the ultimate strong, lightweight combination.

The durability of Trivex & Titanium materials gives optical practice staff the confidence to adjust our frames without the fear of the lens chipping or splitting during fitting. Other suitable lenses are also available with this package.

The Range

Features and Benefits

Trivex rx lenses guaranteed against breakage for 2 years
Titanium frame guaranteed against breakage for 1 year.
The entire collection can be made available as part of a consignment, which allows you to have no upfront costs.