iPlay frames

We are excited to bring you this partnership with Bondeye Optical as the approved glazing partner for their iPlay children's frames!

At Caledonian Optical, we're dedicated to bringing you the latest innovations in eyewear, and partnering with Bondeye Optical is a testament to that, offering you the best with our Imperium myopia management lenses and the iPlay children's frames!

Exclusive to Bondeye Optical, iPlay children's frames are made from a robust and chemically resistant material, TROGAMID®. Manufactured by Evoniks Industries, Germany. This is a special polyamide exhibiting permanent transparency, chemical and stress crack resistance. This material has a high impact resistance and is dimensionally stable.

Crafted with the needs of young wearers in mind, the iPlay frames aren't just stylish and durable but perfect for active lifestyles and daily adventures.

As myopia becomes increasingly prevalent, effective solutions are crucial. Our Imperium lenses not only slow down myopia progression but also combat ocular elongation.

For more information, contact your dedicated partnership manager or order directly from Bondeye Optical for complete glazed package options.