Caledonian Optical is proud to exclusively stock SHAW Lenses for our European clients.

What is SHAW Lens?

Founded in Toronto, and developed by Dr Peter Shaw, the patent-pending SHAW™ lens is the only truly binocular ophthalmic lens system. Using the SHAW lens design software, you have direct control over management of both refractive and binocular components. The exact effect on the vision system can be readily analysed, and benefits of a SHAW design is graphically displayed before the lens is ordered.

What are the benefits of SHAW Lens?

The SHAW patented enhancement eliminates the aniseikonia and anisophoria typically experienced by glasses wearers using ordinary freeform, aspheric or conventional lens therapies.

The technology addresses the requirements for patients with amblyopia, strabismus, anisometropia, post-surgical refractive error, concurrent contact lens wear or the general dissatisfaction with glasses, especially progressives.

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