Superchromic lenses utilise our new coating technology which now enables us to offer high performance photochromic lenses across a range of indexes.


Superchromic lenses utilise photochromic molecules incorporated into the front surface of the lens in a special matrix structure that allows fast activation and fade back. The Superchromic range is formulated to be very clear indoors and offer fade back faster than leading photochromic lenses especially in colder weather.


  • Clear indoors and at night for all day, year round performance allowing 93% light transmission with an anti-reflection coating.
  • Darken outdoors in bright sunlight to minimize glare and boost comfort
  • Fast adaptation to changing light to maximize convenience and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Block harmful UV rays to help protect long term eye health.
  • Offers an effective balance of outdoor darkness, fade back speed and excellent indoor clarity at an affordable price.
  • Designed to fade back in under 5 mins to 70% LT at normal temperatures
  • Outdoors in bright sunshine they can darken
  • to a 85% tint.
  • Available in Clear to Grey & Clear to Brown