Digital Ray-Path

Caledonian Optical uses Digital Ray-Path technology - a patented ophthalmic lens technology that is based on an accurate simulation of the eye-lens model.

Digital Ray-Path lenses are considered in full complexity, and can have prism, pantoscopic tilt, wrapping angle, any frame shape, and be located at any distance from the eye.

Unlike traditional lens manufacturers which focus on the front of the lens, Caledonian Optical utilises Digital Ray-Path technology to manage the front and back surfaces. For every lens design, each gaze direction is simulated at the distance it will be focusing on in the real world.

This unique method studies all the variables which may have an effect on final vision quality, meaning the final lens provides the optimum power the wearer needs in every gaze direction.

Lenses produced using Digital Ray-Path are high quality, completely personalised products which offer the most advanced technology on the market.