Pushing the limits of geometry in lens personalisation.

Digital Ray-Path 2 pushes the limits of geometry in lens personalisation by incorporating the wearer’s accommodative capacity in the final lens calculation to further minimise oblique aberrations. This technology incorporates this factor into each individual lens and considers the accommodative object space, the volume defined by the points within the clear visual range, for each gaze direction.

Digital Ray-Path 2 works in synergy with nature. It utilises the innate power of the human eye to refine the optimisation process for personalised lenses

Lenses with Digital Ray-Path® 2 give eyecare professionals the ability to offer their patients the latest in lens personalisation technology. A unique technology to help them differentiate their businesses.


  • 11% of gaze directions are now optimised in traditional lenses.
  • 43% of gaze directions are now optimised in personalised lenses.
  • 99.5% of gaze directions are now optimised in lenses with IOT Digital Ray-Path 2.

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Features and Benefits

Minimises the effect of oblique aberrations by considering the wearer’s natural accommodation
Optimised for the wearer’s entire accommodative object space
Precise and comfortable focus at all working distances in any direction of gaze
Virtual elimination of peripheral blur
Automatic centering for thickness reduction
Customised for the individual parameters of each wearer, material, base curve, and frame
Superior visual quality with digital devices.

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