Acu tech™ technology focuses primarily on minimising the spherical peripheral power errors to deliver patients a more focused and natural vision.

Acu Tech™ technology carefully balances the mean power required for intermediate and near vision, achieving a perfectly symmetrical and smooth distribution.

In addition to controlling for unwanted cylinder power, Acu tech addresses unwanted changes to mean power in the lateral areas of the lens, providing superior progressive lenses for all lifestyles and market segments. Its evolution, Acu tech, provides superior binocular visual performance for mid-range and near vision.

Acu Tech adds a substantial improvement in the wearer’s binocular performance and provides a smoother visual experience as both eyes perceive identical powers
for each gaze direction.

Swim effect is a non-stable perception of the surroundings that causes discomfort, and reduces overall lens satisfaction, making adaptation more difficult. Lenses designed with Acu Tech provide wearers with more stable and natural vision.

88% excellent near vision 81% wearers experienced a great near and intermediate vision.

Features and Benefits

Adds substantial improvement in the wearer's binocular performance.
88% of wearers enjoyed excellent near vision
Provides wearers with more stable and natural vision